Directed by

Angela Pirko

To celebrate Brave Spirits’ fifth year of production, co-founders Victoria Reinsel and Charlene V. Smith return to the stage together in this sexy Jacobean revenge tragedy as two women determined to get what they want in a world ruled by the whims of men. Aspatia (Reinsel) is in love with the young gentlemen Amintor. He breaks their betrothal when the King bids him instead to marry Evadne (Smith). Eager to take his new bride to bed, Amintor is shocked when he learns that Evadne will not have sex with him because she is mistress to the King. Amintor joins up with Evadne’s brother to plot revenge and the bodies start piling up.

" another commendable turn, John Stange displays the passion and cunning of Melantius..." -- The Washington Post

Spoilers below the fold.
Also Pictured
Charlene V. Smith
Also Pictured
Greg Atkin,
Gary DuBreuil,
Mary Myers,
Keegan Cassady,
Ian Blackwell Rogers,
Charlene V. Smith,
Victoria Reinsel,
James Majewski,
Rebecca Speas,
Brendan McMahon
Photo by Claire Kimball
Melantius' workout routine includes curling two small women.
Also Pictured
Gregory Atkin,
Rebecca Speas,
Brendan McMahon,
Mary Myers,
Keegan Cassady