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Title Role(s) Company When
A Bright Room Called Day Herr Swetts Nu Sass Productions October 2024
Billy and George George Washington Avant Bard Theatre January 2023
Shakespeare's Histories Bolingbroke/Henry IV (Richard II, 1&2 Henry IV)
Pistol (2 Henry IV, Henry V)
Talbot (Henry V, 1 Henry VI)
Jack Cade (2 Henry VI)
Brave Spirits Theatre January 2020
Fallen Angels Fred NextStop Theatre March 2019
Coriolanus Coriolanus Brave Spirits Theatre February 2018
TAME Daddy WSC Avant Bard November 2016
Antony & Cleopatra Enobarbus Brave Spirits Theatre September 2016
22 Boom! Ensemble Nu Sass Productions July 2016
The Merry Death of Robin Hood The Sheriff of Nottingham LiveArtDC May 2016
The Maid's Tragedy Melantius Brave Spirits Theatre February 2016
Middletown John Dodge NextStop Theatre Company January 2016
The Dealer of Ballynafeigh Mackers The Keegan Theatre October 2015
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Caterpillar, White Rabbit, King of Hearts, et al Lean & Hungry Theater June 2015
The Great Lieutenant Sprinkle Didn't Save Me A Figure, Lt. Joshua L. Sprinkle, et al Field Trip Theatre May 2015
You Can't Get a Decent Margarita at the North Pole Rudolph Grain of Sand Theatre December 2014

Training & Skills

SAFD passes: Broadsword (2022), Sword & Shield (2022), Knife (2022), Unarmed (2024)

Producer of Shakespeare in the Pub (http://shakespeareinthe.pub)

Performance experience in dialect with RP, Irish (various); typically a quick study with new dialects. Can learn scripted material in Russian or French.

Graduate of The Honors Acting Conservatory at The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts, 2009.