Directed by

Angela Pirko

A brutal, feminist Fuck You letter that's leaving audience jaws on the floor. We're on Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights, with matinees Saturday and Sunday. If money makes it hard for you to get to this, Thursday evening and Saturday matinee performances are pay-what-you-will. We'll let you in for a nickel.

"TAME flips a beloved Shakespeare comedy—The Taming of the Shrew—into a psychological mind-game that has had my thoughts drifting in and out of Flannery O’Connor stories since seeing it."
"...frightening, visceral, and gut wrenching. I’ll just say it will leave you feeling like you need a shower. And a therapist."
"...Lange, Burrows, and Stange circle them in characters just as deep and nuanced so that you don’t know whether to label them accomplices in Cat’s demise or victims in Patrick’s scheme. They are all brilliant. And, as a cast, they hold your gaze hostage when you most want to look away."

-- Kelly McCorkendale, DC Theatre Scene

"Ingeniously crafted, right up to its shocker ending, TAME echoes Shakespeare while also depicting distinctive characters locked in a psychologically plausible battle of modern values and ideas."
"...Stange contributes valuably in the role of Cat’s brooding father, who has a grudging bond with his reprobate daughter."

-- Celia Wren, The Washington Post

"Feelins. Hmf."
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Jill Tighe
James Dean stole his schtick from my eldest.
Also Pictured
Jill Tighe